Paperleaf Ghost Theme Docs


If you need to setup Ghost please refer to

1) Upload theme to Ghost(Pro)

  1. To log in to your account visit and enter your login credentials.
  2. From your Ghost(Pro) dashboard, click on the “gear” icon to the right of the “Write a Post” button.
  3. Once on your blog’s control panel, you can either “drag & drop” your theme zip file into the “Add a Theme” drop zone, or click on the drag & drop zone to launch the traditional file upload prompt. Once uploaded, click on the Save all blog settings button. Your blog will automatically update with the new theme.

2) Upload theme to self hosted Ghost

  1. Log in to your Ghost administration (example:
  2. Go to Design settings and scroll to bottom. Click on Upload a theme and upload file (X.X.X depending on theme version).
  3. Click on Activate button to activate theme on site and you are done!


  1. Upload Publication logo (optional). The image will be displayed above site’s title.
  2. Upload Publication cover or remove default cover image (optional). This image is used for sidebar background.
  3. Go to Design settings and add links that you want to display in sidebar.

Search setup

Go to Integrations settings then click on + Add custom integration. Add custom name like “GhostHunter” then click on “Create” button. Now you copy Content API key and then:

  // Replace YOUR API KEY with your actual key
  var ghosthunter_key = 'YOUR API KEY';


  var ghosthunter_key = 'c84b9745532df6251f4b320fbd';

Great, you’ve done it! Go to next section if you would like to setup memberships and/or subscriptions.

Memberships and subscriptions setup

  1. Go to Settings and click on Payments.
  2. Expand Connect to Stripe section and add your Stripe keys. Find your keys here.
  3. Expand Subscription pricing section and set monthly and yearly price along with preferred currency.
  4. Click on Save members settings.
  5. Go back to main Settings page and click on Labs.
  6. Click on Upload routes YAML. Select routes.yml from ThemeForest downloaded zip file or from theme root folder on server.
  7. You are done!

Authors page setup

  1. Create new page.
  2. Add page title.
  3. In Page settings select Authors Template (Hint: it is at very bottom of page settings sidebar).
  4. Publish page and you are done!

How to customize theme?

Best way to customize theme is to use Code injection settings and add your custom CSS and JavaScript in Site Header or Site Footer sections. This way you will keep your modifications after new theme version is uploaded.

Other way to do it is to:

Please copy these custom files when you are updating main theme files in order to keep your modifications.

Updating theme

If you did not change theme files then you only need to upload new theme files to your server.

If you made changes to main theme files then you need to copy your changes to new theme files.

Other information

Frameworks, scripts and plugins used in theme: